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I personally prefer to use a water-based spritz with an oil sealant because it allows the perfect amount of moisture without creating extreme build-up or meshing. Heavier and thicker products have a tendency to create meshing and build-up in curlier hair. If you feel you must use heavier products such as butters for your hair- stay away from the root and be sure to use only once or twice between washes. 

Spritzes: The spritzes I highly recommend to keep your hair moisturized are all water-based, which allows the hair to properly hydrate while also keeping it protected. Also, a water-based spritz with glycerin works best for certain hair types that tend to have quick build-up from a high production of oil on the scalp. African Pride makes some of the best spritzes that are geared towards braided hair.

Oils: Some oils I recommend to keep your hair healthy while in extensions are in are grapeseed + jojoba oil. Coconut oil is great, but has a distinct odor/smell, which some people are not a fan of. Likewise, olive oil is great, but is slightly thicker in product. 

Process: Everyone’s hair is completely different, so therefore the amount of care will vary from person to person, but most will need to spritz your hair from daily to weekly to keep it healthy and protected. I do not recommend going beyond a week, however, especially towards the end of your extension cycle because the hair extensions will be more brittle and dry. Sealing your hair should be every few days to weekly, also depending on your specific hair needs. The more frequently you seal you hair, the quicker dirt and build-up will be noticeable in your hair, so you’ll need to wash you hair more often.



HAIR EXTENSIONS DEFINED TIP: Extension length varies with texture, so be sure to always note which texture hair you’re buying and then pick the length based on texture.

6 Ways to Wear Extensions: A guide for anyone just starting out wearing extensions and wondering what types of extensions there are, how much it costs, and how long it can last. 

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Sarah Golish’s x “MOONDUST” series
—Released 1•25•2014.


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Condola Rashad as Nefertari Kanahkt in FOX show ‘Hieroglyphs’

Loving this!!

Condola Rashad as Nefertari Kanahkt in FOX show ‘Hieroglyphs’

Loving this!!

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me . on polaroid . by robin black .

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me . on polaroid . by robin black .

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